I’m (seemingly) back from the almost 9 month respite I’ve taken from serious blogging. The time has flown by with the help of nail-biting-rage-inciting stress, countless hour-long work days, juggling job titles and the like. Hostility towards summertime was punctuated with weekends on Cape Cod or in Newport, a saving grace that at times turned ugly by residual stress creeping it’s way into play time. After enduring the workforce for three years I’ve became reacquainted with back to school sensibility, only this time I’ve been stocking up on fabric and french curves, textile paint and sketchbooks. I’ve been living two nights in Boston; night class denotes spending friendless days in small cafe’s and eating Sun Chips for dinner. Although my 9-5 workload has nearly doubled, I hope to share less abbreviated accounts of what I am learning as well as to resume regularity to my postings with you in the near future. Semester 2 starts in 2 days and counting, so I’m back to beating the fashion “books” (i.e. style.com runway reports). I normally can do nothing but pine for Dior, but I’m sadly disappointed today by the Spring 2013 Couture line. I’m mad about the pre-fall rtw that debuted on 1.14 and had such high hopes for Couture. I know this may seem unsavory of me but dare I say I miss the better-to-be-seen-and-not-heard John Galliano? Bastard. Perhaps the only thing suited to please my ultra femmy-femme palet is watch last night’s ep of Downtown Abbey 48 times.

See you soon, whoever still reads this sh*t