I’ve always thought of Sally Draper as kiiiiind of a pervy little freak. I realize that I’m completely out of touch with my inner 12 year old girl, and in denial about the kind of freak I was at this age. But in real life Kiernan Shipka is a totally mature and likable tween, with totally natural non-over-plucked-eyebrows. (As most of you do not know, my largest opposition to today’s youth is their incessant over tweezing.) I want to thank God for creating such a delightful young creature, if only because it gives me hope for my own offspring. Also, where the F was this girl when I was a full-time babysitting slave. I never knew of such children existing, just those who threatened to tell mom that I hit her if I didn’t let her win “Trouble.” Or the other 7 yr old girl who straight up mast***ated the entire time I babysat her. Such emotionally & psychologically taxing experiences have troubled me that I will introduce yet another disrespectful degenerate into this world. THanks Kiernan! you ROCK, p.s. whats my size in juniors?