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…at the Brimfield antique show is an event I’ve been dreaming about for years now. It’s only a little over an hour away from where I live, so there’s really no excuse for why I’ve not been before. I’ve had much time to think about the things I will acquire at what has become largest & best antique/thrift show in the country. I have, furthermore, prepared a checklist for my maiden voyage on Thursday which is listed below:

Piles of antique laceantique lace, white lace, chantilly lace, trim lace, lacey trims

Perfume Atomizer, one or two or ten

old perfume atomizer

Antique buttonsvintage buttons at the brimfield antique and thrift showa Never-ending collection of Jadeite
Antique tin containers
gold antique tin, golden corroding tin, gum tin, old tin, collectible tins, tin containersbrimfield antique show, thirft show, collectible, trinket& JEWELS!

Antique Flea Market Jewelry , flea market jewelry collection, flea market jewelry bin, antique jewelry, thrift store jewelry

I can’t even begin to fathom what other treasures await. The hunt is on