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Alfred Hitchcock meets David Lynch meets Twilight Zone, which means i Looolooovvee it. When I first saw her work at MoMA I got a creepy, seedy, like I just watched Rosemary’s baby, feeling. It’s the kind of discomfort that is worth it because you just saw something really excellent. Alex PragerAlex Prageralex prager003-Susie-and-Friends-487x300Alex Prager PhotographyAlex PragerAlex PragerAlex PragerAlex Prager

Cathyalex-prager-the-big-valley-2008-gloria-1007x1024Janemovie theaterPhotography, creepybig valleyAlex Prager vacationing, suitcase, road tripalex prager - week-end - ritaVickyalex-prager-the-weekend-11Alex Prager