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Being that the following is from a Parisian magazine, the pictures clearly do not take place in California. But who cares, I live in massachusetts and from here Paris and San Diego are basically the same thing. last week the temperatures here hit the high seventies, this week they have dropped down to the low twenties. The moral of the story is: Let’s all move to San Diego where the average temperature is something like 75 degrees, there is a never-ending supply of burritos, Tijuana is just over the border, and surfers instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. Who’s with me?
bustier, silk strapless corset top long skirt, 1950s style, 1950's summer1950s style, 1950's summer, head scarf, model with flowers, sitting in tourquois chair, sunglasses, 1950s style, 1950's summer, red lipstick and gingham, gingham tie top, model sitting at beach1950s style, 1950's summer, silky swimsuit, red 1950's swimsuit, fashion photoshoot cactus1950s style, 1950's summer, short romper, fashion spread, yellow spring coat, redhead model1950s style, 1950's summer, bathing suit, model sitting on a rock,

L’Officiel Paris February 2012,  –
Photographed by Alexander Neumann