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Thom Brownes fall 2012 runway theatrics displayed 10 coffins, concealing 10 beautiful gahhhls who’ve died for fashion. His shows notably portray a surreal spectacle transcending the boundaries between fashion and other artistic mediums. Viewers and fellow designers typically are unsure of what to expect upon entering his shows, and rightly so. The Spring 2012 line was debuted at a sort of “role played” party set in the 1920’s where the models walked around huffing ciggys showing off the, part perfectly practical and part outrageously avante garde, clothes. This time the models came back from the dead for their love of fashion. Strangely enough this line is slightly more realistic, and dare I say wearable, than past seasons. When initially reading the review on style.com, I wanted to disagree with that last statement, however time and experience have proven Tim Blanks’ judgement to be feasible, so I must borrow his stance on the matter.
Tim also brought up an undeniable connection to the work of Tim Burton. I actually thought more of Coraline than anything. But most people think Coraline is Burton’s anyway, and thats an entirely different matter of “inspiration” in itself. On the positive: its good to know there’s a place in the fashion world for nonsense, despite the best efforts of fashions elite who describe his work as serious as anything. On the neg: I’d say it’s nothing that gaga hasn’t already rammed down our throats.