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Thai Fashion Designer MILIN uses Freudian theory & the techniques of photography to inspire their latest collection:
Milin Fashion Designer Bangkok Thailand 2011

Under Sense and Sensibility, unveil the story of subconscious mind causing fantasy imagination and interpret it into a new collection playing with the emotions of wearer. Milin collection reflects Sigmund Freud’s theory the condition of subconscious mind, thinking back and forth then drifting away which is called dreams. These forms of wish fulfillment causing by unconscious can result in dreams varied between individuals. In response to all dreamers, Milin style for this summer is filled with sweetness yet elegance, beauty and attractiveness.

Milin Fashion Designer Bangkok Thailand 2011

According to Freud’s theory, Milin interprets the nature of both a full range dream and a short dream into clothing techniques such as digital printing and pleating. The colors and patterns are expanding and compressed through dream illustration that invites everyone to have fun with self-selection patterns. Milin creates these prints by adapting photography techniques which were used as a tool to extract Memories. For example, Milin exploits the twilight print occurring by taking a shot during the twilight, distorting technique that makes the image to be more distorted from reality both colors and shapes, as well as light spots print caused by shooting out of focus making the image blur that we can see the overlap of light. While the pattern of light flash caused by star trail technique allows images to get good exposure as we can see the flash multiple times. For expanding sky print, Milin applies speed shutter technique to control the luminosity of a shot causing interesting images. Additionally from printing, pleating technique on fabric symbolizing the un-continuing dreams is generally applied on Milin attires. Small pleat, big pleat and pleating in specific areas can give new dimension and perspective for the finished look of this collection.

Thai Fashion Designer Milin Dresses Rompers

In terms of color, this collection interestingly picks the vivid group of color ranging from Cloud blue, Sun kiss pink, Sun orange, Lemon drop combining with Silver and cavier black lining as comparable to sky color from dust till dawn. For the silhouette, apart from pleated pieces, there are wide-leg pants, halter-neck dress, as well as short and long dresses with fabric hidden technique that can reveal a hidden print intentionally.”

Photo source: Refinery29.com , Content: Milin.com