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bambi northwood blyth goggles super model big eyebrows

I love this photo, she looks like one of the first spectators of a 3-D movie back in 1953, but topless..? The ridiculously beautiful Bambi Northwood-Blyth (although you can’t see her  signature big bushy eyebrows) transcends time and trend, which i guess is what fashion of late is all about.

Lately I’ve been desperately seeking science fiction illustration. My absolute favorite is Barnaby Ward, who is known for mixing the subjects of fashion & sci-fi..he deserves an entire post in himself.

The London based fashion duet, Vergi, seems to have some heavy influence in the sci-fi realms as well.

VIRGIL FINLAY - THE BIG JUMP1953 Fashion Illustration

Vergi Fashion ss 2011 Futuristic Sci Fi

Sci Fi Fashion IllustrationVergi SS 2011 fashion sci fi futuristic

Kelly Freas The Lion Game

Vergi Sci Fi Fashion 2011

Ferrah Faucette Droid AlienVergi SS 2011 fashion sci fi futuristic devil

MArvel science stories cover 1939 Sci Fi Fashion inspiration

vergi Sci fi fashion-2011

Hajime Sorayama RobotVergi SS 2011 fashion sci fi futuristic

Barnaby Ward Sci Fi Fashion Illustration fantasy

Wojciech Siudmak 1970s Sci Fi Illustration

The Man Who Fell to Earth 1963 David Bowie

Vergi SS 2011 fashion sci fi futuristic

the tomorrow people Robert Schulz 1960 life on mars