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As a junior in college, in new york city, youre expected to take an unfeasible amount of credits as well as find the perfect unpaid and most inconvenient internship. Interested in photography and fashion I applied to a fashion photography management firm and got the job. One of the only perks of this job was now and then meeting a photographer as he dropped by to pick up his portfolio book or talk to one of my wretched superiors about a potential spot in vogue. I stayed on the job 2 months mind you, so this was a fleeting thing, but made it all the more exciting when Todd Cole walked through the doors one fateful day. Back then I simply lusted over his spreads in vogue, elle, harpers bazaar etc. but now i’m lusting over the Rodarte collab with the insanely cool 12 yr old Elle Fanning as their muse. The Curve of Forgotten Things is Coles second film with Rodarte (the first was “Aanteni” also referred to as SS2010 A Space Odyssey). The score was composed by Deerhunter, a-hem, hallelujah. Invite the creep into your life.

And you may wonder where I’ve been this past month. The answer is WEST. I co-pilated a ridiculously ambitious roadtrip all over the south/north western states of the usa. The oil rigs, tumbleweeds and I are relating on a very high frequency. I’m sure there will be more to come on that, but for now enjoy this dusty visual smorgasbord.