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I’m an adult who has battled the harrowing curse of ADD since the dawn of the internet. For me it’s impossible to do one thing at a time  (ex: blogging while at work…). Which is weird because I am horrible at multi-tasking. While in school and now at work I can’t keep myself from constantly drawing on the sides of pages or on post-its. Here are some old & new sketches & drawrings I found around my office today.

puppet girl line drawing

Pen while in the car. summer 2008. One of many puppet sketches…

line drawing fashion

pen yesterday when i was working on my dad’s website.

pierrot drawing

Sharpie during the start of my Pierot obsession

Fashion drawing

Sharpie & Pen while i was supposed to be working on my dad’s website. If she were real we probably wouldn’t be friends

Sharpie on post-it line drawing

Sharpie while taking an online tutorial… i forget about what. probably owls and casette tapes.

two robots in love

Pen & pencil from  2008. Is there a love more pure than robot love?

blue line drawing

Notes from the Hotel Motel & Restaurant Show Leadership Conference at the Javits Center- NYC, this past fall…. yeah, I don’t know.

2010 Christmas card, merry christmas you filthy animal2010 Christmas Card