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In her teens to the mid married years, my mother was a crafting feind. She was the mack of knitting, crocheting, sewing, needlepoint, embroidery, etc. etc. Straight up, my momma aced the economics of the home. It’s been years since she’s been able to pick up her knitting needles (other than to teach me) or sit at the seiwng machine (other than to help me). Today, I asked her if she knew how to macrame, she said “yes, I used to”. I then asked “will you teach me”, and with a repulsed look  replied “OooOOoo gross, you dont want to incorporate that into your clothing… It’s so dated! it’s so ugly! Its impossible to make macrame look sophisticated!”

I guess Will and Jazzy Jeff were right… parents just don’t understand….

macrame crochet Julien MacDonald ss11

Julien MacDonald ss11

Gucci SS11 macrame dress

Gucci SS11

macrame crochet Jen Kao ss11 dress

Jen Kao SS11

Cavalli SS11

Cavalli SS11