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Not sure where you’re located but chances are you’re submerged beneath an unreasonable amount of snow. From the moment you step out into the frosty abyss you’re taking your fragile life in your hands, dodging colossal daggers of razor sharp ice which hang from the rooftops above. Those of us with a disintegrating will to live can thank the ever-changing and fast paced fashion industry for always being a step ahead of the weather. Prada, with its fresh squeezed hues and punchy patterns, reminds us that there are only four more months four more months left to endure those close encounters with freezerburned extremities.

Quick Fix: Just look at these pictures while listening to Heartbeats by  The Knife. Before you know it you’ll be sprawling out topless in your cubicle beneath a single halogen lamp, requesting the intern take a break and from filing papers and slather your naked back with baby oil.
Prada runway spring 11Prada rtw ss11Prada Ad campaign ss11Prada rtw ss11