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Come Wednesday you’ve finally gotten over that bitch of a hangover from the weekend. Since now your blood runs free of alcohol, inspiration must be found soberly and organically and now its time to remember what it is you’re living for… Remember? no? me neither….

Waking up in the bed you’ve had since 5th grade, the one that was a trade-in for your bunk beds when your family moved from a big farm house to a small one on the highway whose ceilings are max 7-feet tall and unable to accommodate a bunk bed. When you wake up in that small trundle bed in your parents house to the sound of an alarm coming from your samsung flip phone circa 2007 which at the time was immensely cool and terribly impressive to older men but now doesn’t show the time on the front screen and its camera goes off in your pocket for hours at a time depleting the battery enough to deny you the pleasure of a drunk text to this boy who wants to show you his collection of hand made bongs and other pottery he’s devoted his life to. Its important on a wednesday to get a bit of inspiration.  On wednesday we all need a little kick in the hanky pankys.

On Wednesday I light my fire with my two favorite things… Fashion and Men

Here are todays favorites of one, the other, or both

Johnny Depp Cry baby

Johnny Depp in Cry Baby-

I watched this a few days ago and then on a whim began browsing D&G’s website.  I then saw the mens line of t-shirts, one of which had cry baby on it and I literally cried. Then I, naturally, bottled my tears and drank them.

Also, ladies, if you havent seen this recently i’d recommend you instant queu it up on Netflix immediately. so worth it. Johnny Depp is creamy dreamy and he wears some seriously hot color-block, fringy button-ups while thrusting and gyrating his hips. Delicious.

James Franco with gunsJames Franco Holding You at Gunpoint

Not really sure what James is pointing those guns for but whatever he wants ill do it, CANIGETANAMENNNNN!!?!

No but really- i woke up today at 7am with shisty remnants of a cold and a nyquill hangover to rattle a smack addict. Just after nearly puking in the kitchen sink I decided to shove a slice of rye bread down my throat and head to the gym. The daily routine of change clothes, fill water, pick magazine was super sexified when i saw the cover of Entertainment adorned with James Francos face …Now let me preface this story with an experience I had a few months back.  New York Magazine had an article on the enigma that is James Franco, how no one can figure him out and how he is either spending his life trying to fuck with us or not giving a fuck about us… As I was runwalking on the treadmill I was entranced by this mans life that is so far from any reality I know. Well deep between the self conscious lines of this article there was something so inspiring about James and it was remembered to me this morning again when I read the article in Entertainment. The man is a machine, working towards something like 3 masters degrees and a phd from different schools in different states (nyu, yale, RISD etc…)on top of his career… i dont remember the specif’s… Now dont get me wrong, im sure he has loads of help from his entourage or whatever, but the fact of the matter is- he is doing whatever he wants, and lots of it. I’d like the perseverance to get through one day of work actually doing one days work of work… yaknowwhatimean?

Also giving me some serial lady wood:

Shoulder pads

Blake Lively Shoulder Pads

I mean, shit. Just look at that euphoric smile, guarantee it has at least 74% to do with her voluptuous prosthetic lady lumps.